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T-zer Rigid


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These lights integrate Rigid LED high-output lighting with T-zer's sleek and durable Talon anchor caps. Rigid lights available in Driving or Flood beam patterns. This kit provides 2,376 (driving) or 1,584 (flood) Lumens from each light. 

You can adjust these lights to shine in or out, up or down, and turn them on or off with the built-in switch, or control them from your cockpit with the included remote switch. 



Specs: 12 Volt | Rigid LED light, 2,376 (driving) or 1,584 (flood) lumens | Powder coated aluminum housing 

Dual Talon Kit Comes with: 2 T-zer Rigid lights | Remote Flood light switch | 2 Black opaque covers for Rigid lights | Mounting hardware

Single Talon Kit Comes with: 1 T-zer Rigid light | Remote Flood light switch | 1 Black opaque cover for Rigid light | Mounting hardware

US Patent 10,023,277 B1

Sold separately by T-zer Products for use with a Talon shallow water anchor sold by Johnson Outdoors, Inc.