• T-zer Beacon with Rigid
  • T-zer Beacon with Rigid
  • T-zer Beacon with Rigid
  • T-zer Beacon with Rigid
  • T-zer Beacon with Rigid
  • T-zer Beacon with Rigid

T-zer Beacon with Rigid


IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is the boat owner's responsibility to make sure this light is installed in accordance with USCG rules

A) All-around stern lights may not be obstructed from any direction. If your boat has any components that will obstruct the T-zer stern light when in it's flipped up position (8 inches above the top of your Talon) this light will not be USCG compliant. Examples: T-top, poling platform, steering console, etc... 
B) All-around stern lights must be at least 1 meter (39.4 inches) above your red & green bow running lights.

Please allow up to 3-5 business days for your product to ship.

These lights not only offer T-zer's unique flip-up all-around light, but also integrate Rigid LED high-output lighting. Rigid light available in Flood or Driving beam pattern. This kit provides 2,376 (driving) or 1,584 (flood) Lumens per light. 

You can adjust these lights to shine in or out, up or down. Since independent wires control the all-around stern light separately from the Rigid lights, the remote switch (provided in kit) allows for cockpit control. Side mounted design does not interfere with the factory Talon cap. 



Specs: 12 Volt | USCG approved all-around white stern light | Rigid LED light - 2,376 (driving) or 1,584 (flood) lumens | Powder coated aluminum housing | Acrylic lenses | 50,000 hour LED's | All-Around stern light flip up pedestal (12 inches tall)

Dual Talon Kit (BKRID or BKRIF) Comes with: 1 Beacon flip-up all-around stern light | 1 T-zer Rigid light | Remote Flood light switch | 2 Black opaque covers for Rigid lights  | Mounting hardware

Single Talon Kit (BRID or BRIF) Comes with: 1 Beacon flip-up all-around stern light | Remote Flood light switch | 1 Black opaque cover for Rigid light | Mounting hardware

USCG Approved 33 CRF 183.810 | Meets ABYC A-16 | Tested by Imanna Lab, Inc.
Tested for 2 nautical miles visibility | Tested 10-6-2015
US Patent 10,023,277 B1
Sold separately by T-zer Products for use with a Talon shallow water anchor sold by Johnson Outdoors, Inc.