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IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is the boat owner's responsibility to make sure this light is installed in accordance with USCG rules

A) All-around stern lights may not be obstructed from any direction. If your boat has any components that will obstruct the T-zer stern light when in it's flipped up position (8 inches above the top of your Talon) this light will not be USCG compliant. Examples: T-top, poling platform, steering console, etc... 
B) All-around stern lights must be at least 1 meter (39.4 inches) above your red & green bow running lights. 

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Please allow up to 3-5 business days for your product to ship.

The T-zer Beacon Flip-Up All-Around Stern Light: USCG approved all-around stern light... just flip it up and turn it on. The slim side mount design allows for minimal protrusion and does not interfere with the factory Talon cap. 



 Specs: 12 Volt | USCG approved all-around white stern light | Powder coated aluminum housing | Acrylic lenses | 50,000 hour LED's | All-Around stern light flip up pedestal (12 inches tall)

Comes with: 1 Beacon flip-up stern light (Model B) | Mounting hardware

USCG Approved 33 CRF 183.810 | Meets ABYC A-16 | Tested by Imanna Lab, Inc.
Tested for 2 nautical miles visibility | Tested 10-6-2015
US Patent 10,023,277 B1
Sold separately by T-zer Products for use with a Talon shallow water anchor sold by Johnson Outdoors, Inc.